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How to Improve Your Life Quality through Beyond Consciousness

Beyond ConsciousnessLiving in dynamic world that is full of demands and carrying out multiple tasks or roles can sometimes be too much for us. Balancing life style is said to be the best way to keep everything work proportionally. However, not all of us have the luxury of having some spare times to have some spa treatments or get spiritual guides from the experts. Besides, those solutions are often unaffordable.

Beyond Consciousness is a guide to simple technique to enhance your spiritual stages to enlighten your life and in the end, improve quality of life as a whole. The methods can help turning subconscious minds into happier, wiser and satisfied.

Functions and Benefits

What makes Beyond Consciousness becomes a worthy investment to consider is that the program was developed by an expert in the field, Dr. Steve G. Jones. He is a practicing clinical hypnotherapist, and founder of American Alliance of Hypnotists. The advantages of using the products are including:

  • To ease the negative concepts within his/ herself that often influences people to be unconfident
  • Ability to ‘manipulate’ mind through lucid dreaming in order to gain peace and fight against anxious thoughts and feelings
  • Ability to make connections with beloved partner or spouse even separated miles away
  • Capacity to face problems and find solutions through optimizing mental equilibrium
  • Growing into wiser and gaining special life enlightenment

How the Method Works

The guide is basically divided into eight parts or modules, each aiming at certain level and parts of an individual’s subconscious mind. Beyond Consciousness reveals the following:

  • Projection of the astral and finding out how to use it
  • Understanding of self hypnosis
  • Access to the third eye that exists in the brain as well as spiritual portal
  • Meditation that can be practiced in friendly ways to recharge energy and get refreshed spiritually
  • Accessing Akashic Records for further understanding on life wisdoms
  • Controlling lucid dreaming
  • Using astral projection for intimate contacts
  • Aura reading abilities

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Beyond Consciousness Discount

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