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The Critical bench Program: Build Your Muscle and Get Stronger

Looking masculine is very important for men. Not only will it help them in social life, but muscle equals to identity. Common people (read: non athletes) might have to work hard to get muscular and strong body in the gym or joining certain trainings that will cost them lots of bucks and weeks of hard time.

The Critical Bench Program 2.0, a system to develop muscle and improve male’s strength comes as a solution both to athletes and non athletes (body builders, weight lifters, etc.). Joining certain diet to cut some fats and develop muscle growth may not work for everyone, but this system is claimed to be friendly enough.

Product Description

The Critical Bench ProgramDeveloped by Mike Westerdal, BS, CPT, The Critical Bench Program is a series of electronic manuals that users can download and access easily. It is consisted of several files including video and audio guides. Getting the product is very practical since no shipping will be needed. All products are able to be instantly downloaded once a user makes a deal and order.

Worried about compatibility? The files are all compatible to access from PC and Mac. Users will get checklists, workbook and manuals in PDF that won’t need any particular computer skills. The Critical Bench Program 2.0 is designed to help people improve bench press in the gym, boost power and increase speed in sporting.

The Advantages

Available at pretty much affordable offer, The Critical Bench Program 2.0 launches special offer to celebrate its tenth anniversary. When purchased separately all the files will worth over three hundred bucks but during the Anniversary Sale, it is available for order only with $47 (you will get extremely cheaper price on next section). Here is some of what users will get:

  • manuals to The Critical Bench Program, giving an insight about some ground theories, motivations and training measurement, once a user decided to start
  • training logs that are customized
  • online DVD of Bench Press Fundamental

The Critical Bench Program Discount

The actual price of The Critical Bench Program 2.0 on its salespage is $47. But now, you can get The Critical Bench Program discount with $7+ OFF for a limited time only! Please check the spoiler below to get the discount link.

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