Explosive Jumps: Jump Manual Review + 51% Discount Code

Jump Manual program will not only increase your vertical leap, but also decrease risk of injury since the techniques inside are all based on scientifically proven research.

Unlocking Your Vertical Leap Potential

Wanting to slam dunk is a big dream for lots of basketball players because it can really boost how you do on the court. There are tons of programs out there that promise to help you jump higher, but figuring out which one actually works can be tough.

In this article, we’re going to dig into the world of jumping higher and check out one of the most famous programs, the Jump Manual.

Background of the Jump Manual

The Jump Manual, created by Jacob Hiller, is a renowned vertical jumping program that has helped numerous athletes unlock their maximum vertical leaping potential. Jacob Hiller himself, a former basketball player and coach, is a big name in the world of jumping higher. His journey to create the Jump Manual began like many athletes who aspire to soar to new heights – he was obsessed with getting higher off the ground, but nothing seemed to work.

Determined to improve his own vertical jumping ability, Hiller delved deep into the science of athleticism. He conducted experiments with various workouts, tried different training methods, and after plenty of trial and error, he discovered a series of exercises that allowed him to jump an astonishing 45 inches higher. That’s equivalent to jumping over three and a half feet off the ground!

Inspired by his success, he developed the Jump Manual, which was first introduced in 2008 and has since assisted thousands of athletes in achieving their dunking dreams.

The Jump Manual Workouts

Jump Manual Review

The Jump Manual offers a comprehensive 12-week program designed to elevate your jumping abilities. This program is meticulously structured, covering all the essential variables of explosiveness and providing a well-rounded approach to improving your vertical leap. Let’s explore the key components of the Jump Manual workouts:

  • Explosive Jump Training: The Jump Manual features exercises aimed at developing explosive power. These workouts teach your body how to efficiently utilize your muscles for rapid and high jumps. Exercises like depth jumps and medicine ball throws are integral parts of this training regimen. Typically, these workouts take around 90 minutes to complete, including warm-up and cool-down. They constitute a significant portion of the program, focusing on maximizing your jump height.
  • Getting Stronger Legs: To reach your maximum vertical, the Jump Manual combines heavy weightlifting exercises such as deadlifts and squats with faster movements like hang cleans. This combination strengthens your leg muscles and trains them to generate power rapidly. Access to a gym with equipment like squat racks and heavy barbells is ideal for this aspect of the program, but there are also bodyweight exercises you can perform if you don’t have access to such equipment.
  • Working on Your Core: Your core muscles play a crucial role in maintaining stability and efficiently utilizing energy during jumps. The Jump Manual includes core workouts that incorporate exercises like planks, which you can easily do at home. This segment of the program doesn’t require much time, usually less than 30 minutes, making it manageable for athletes with busy schedules.
  • Stretch and Recover: Even on days when you’re not engaged in intense workouts, the Jump Manual recommends stretching and recovery exercises. These activities help you maintain flexibility and support muscle recovery, ensuring that you’re always prepared for your next training session. Consistency in stretching and recovery is essential for long-term improvements in your vertical leap.

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Good Stuff About the Jump Manual

The Jump Manual boasts several advantages for athletes looking to increase their vertical leap and excel in their sports endeavors:

  1. Personal Coaching: The program is highly adaptable, allowing you to tailor it to your specific needs and goals. This personalized coaching approach enables you to focus on areas that require improvement, helping you reach your maximum potential.
  2. Full Training: Over the course of 12 weeks, the Jump Manual covers all the crucial aspects of jumping higher, including explosive training, leg strength, core work, and recovery. It ensures that you don’t overlook any vital components of vertical leap enhancement.
  3. Weights or No Weights: The program is designed to accommodate individuals who have access to gym equipment with weights and those who rely solely on their bodyweight for training. This inclusivity makes it suitable for a wide range of athletes, regardless of their equipment availability.
  4. Videos to Help: The Jump Manual provides instructional videos to demonstrate the correct execution of exercises. These videos are valuable resources to ensure that you perform each exercise with proper form, maximizing the effectiveness of your workouts.
  5. Proven Results: The Jump Manual has garnered praise from numerous high-profile athletes and coaches, including NBA players and trainers. This endorsement from professionals in the field attests to the program’s effectiveness and credibility.
  6. Long-Term Plan: It’s important to note that the Jump Manual isn’t a quick fix. Instead, it’s designed for long-term improvements in your vertical leap. The incorporation of stretching and recovery routines ensures that you maintain flexibility and continue to progress over time.
  7. Eating Right: In addition to the workout regimen, the program includes a nutrition plan that guides you in making dietary choices that complement your training efforts. Proper nutrition is a fundamental aspect of any successful workout plan.

What to Expect with the Jump Manual

If you decide to embark on the Jump Manual journey, you can anticipate several positive outcomes that will enhance your athletic performance and overall abilities:

  1. Jumping Higher: The primary objective of the Jump Manual is to significantly increase your jump height. Many individuals who have followed the program report substantial improvements in their vertical leap.
  2. Getting More Explosive: The program enhances your explosiveness, enabling you to move quickly and change direction swiftly on the basketball court or any other sports arena.
  3. Better Stamina: Basketball demands a high level of energy and endurance. The Jump Manual’s workouts are designed to ensure that you can maintain peak performance throughout your games.
  4. Confidence and Toughness: Knowing that you’ve put in the hard work to improve your vertical leap can boost your confidence on the court. Additionally, the program includes components that enhance mental focus, a crucial factor in handling pressure situations during games.
  5. Works for Different Sports: While the Jump Manual is renowned for its impact on basketball players, it is also beneficial for athletes in other sports that require fast and explosive movements, such as volleyball and track and field.
  6. Money-Back Guarantee: Typically, the Jump Manual comes with a money-back guarantee, demonstrating the program’s confidence in its ability to deliver results. This assurance provides peace of mind to those considering the program.


To summarize, the Jump Manual by Jacob Hiller is a robust and proven program for athletes seeking to elevate their vertical leap and enhance their athletic performance. With its 12-week program design, it encompasses all essential variables of explosiveness, including explosive training, leg strength, core work, and recovery.

One of the standout features of the program is its flexibility, allowing for personalized coaching to cater to individual needs and goals. Whether you have access to gym equipment or rely on bodyweight exercises, the Jump Manual accommodates a diverse range of athletes.

The inclusion of instructional videos ensures that you perform exercises correctly, while the nutrition plan complements your training efforts by emphasizing proper dietary choices.

It’s important to remember that everyone’s progress may vary, and consistent effort, coupled with proper nutrition and rest, is key to achieving the best results.

The Jump Manual isn’t a quick fix; it’s a comprehensive training system designed to facilitate long-term improvements in your vertical leap and overall athletic abilities. With the support of the program and the endorsement of athletes and coaches, you can trust it to help you become the best athlete you can be.

Whether your goal is to slam dunk, excel in various sports, or simply become a better athlete, the Jump Manual by Jacob Hiller could be your key to reaching new heights in your athletic journey. Invest in your jump, and you might find yourself soaring to great heights on the court and beyond.

Note: The Jump Manual is sometimes referred to as “Jacob Hiller Jump Manual” or “Jump Manual by Jacob Hiller.” It has also been associated with terms like “vertical jumping program,” “vert shock,” and “jump program.” It encompasses a range of exercise routines and training techniques aimed at improving your vertical jump height, thus enhancing your overall athletic performance.

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Jump Manual
Jump Manual

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  • Effective vertical jump training program.
  • Comprehensive and well-structured workouts.
  • Focuses on increasing explosive power and athleticism.
  • Provides personalized coaching and support.
  • Suitable for athletes of all levels.


  • Requires commitment and consistency.
  • Some exercises may be challenging for beginners.
  • Requires access to basic gym equipment.
  • Limited focus on other aspects of sports performance.
  • No physical product, all materials are digital.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the Jump Manual?

The Jump Manual is a workout program designed to help athletes increase their vertical jump. The program combines plyometric, lower body strength, and core exercises to target specific muscle groups and improve explosiveness, strength, and stability.

How long is the Jump Manual program?

The Jump Manual workout chart consists of 14 days of exercises that are designed to be done twice a week.

What kind of exercises are included in the Jump Manual?

The Jump Manual includes plyometric jump training, lower body strength training, and core body workouts.

Do I need a gym membership to do the Jump Manual?

Access to a gym with squat racks and heavy barbells is required for some of the lower body strength training exercises, but there are bodyweight alternatives for those who don’t have a gym membership.

Is the Jump Manual suitable for all levels of athletes?

The Jump Manual can be customized to fit the athlete’s needs and goals, so it can be suitable for athletes of all levels.

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