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Ways to Increase Your Vertical Jump

For basketball players, it’s a must to have a tall body, but actually, to be a great basketball player it’s not only how tall you are that matters, but it includes a lot of training and techniques. One of the most popular techniques in basketball is slam dunk. You will only be a great basketball player if you can dunk and smash the ball into the jar easily. Actually, lots of people think that it has something to do with your body height and your dunk skill, while in fact it doesn’t. Adam Folker’s Vert Shock program will help you to jump high until you can dunk without too much effort.

Vert Shock

Lots of people think that you can only dunk if you are tall, but the research has shown that your skills on slam dunk don’t have anything to do with your height. Lots of tall basketball players can be beaten by those who are not as tall as them on doing dunk. It must be embarrassing to have tall body but you can’t jump and do dunk. That’s why you should consider trying Vert Shock program that will lead you to do dunk just like what you have been dreaming of.

There are three steps on Vert Shock program that you will go through before you can really do dunk, they are:

  • Pre-shock phase. This phase occurs in the first week of your dunk program. You can increase 3-5 inch your vertical jump.
  • Shock phase. In this phase, you will take approximately 6 weeks to learn everything you need to have as high vertical jump as possible. In this phase, you can increase more inches of your vertical jump that nobody has ever thought about.
  • Post-shock phase. In this phase, your muscles will already memorize all the training from Vert Shock that you’ve done, so you can automatically jump as high as possible and do more than dunk.

Vert Shock Discount

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