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6 Secrets on How to Attract Women with Body Language

Ah, the art of attracting women’s attention. The old-age, ultimate secret of enchanting even the slightest glance of a woman; truly, this is the biggest mission a man must accomplish in his life, if not the hardest.

How To Attract Women With Body Language

You know, rather than trying too hard to impress a woman with all that glitters, you can actually attract women with body language. Yes; women do indeed get bedazzled by shiny, blinking goods but there is more to them than meet they eyes. Diamonds might be their bestest ever friends. Jewelries and decent flat to settle might be appealing to most of them as might some flashy rides.

However, it is truly your gesture that may help you win their attention. Your bearings will play an important role in swaying those women the way you love it to be. Once you have managed to master the proper body language to attract women, you can swag your way out of the club, bringing a woman or two with you arm in arm.

So, exactly what are the secrets of body language that will attract those beautiful creatures? Is there anything fancy going on around them? Well, why don’t you have a peek?

  1. Pay Attention to Posture First off, no one, and I mean no one, really likes to see a guy whose body is a little bit hunched. So, walk down to the girl you want to impress with a body straight up and chest open wide. This clearly defines a distinct self-confidence without being overly imposing.
  2. Be Nicely Dressed and Good-smelled So, you hang out in a club wearing a shirt that has never been changed for like a week and you wish that you could win a woman over with that? Come on; no one has ever been able to get away with that. A week-old shirt and unkempt hair plus bad body odor equals bad move. You can expel the entire attendees the moment you step into the club, you know.
  3. The Self-Confidence Concoction
    • Stand up with shoulder straight on both feet (don’t lean on just a single foot)
    • Hands out of the pockets
    • Scrape off the plan to run after her. Wait for the right moment
    • Establish a well-maintained eye contact and keep the contact in check
  4. Be Yourself As cliché as this may sound to you, it works. Don’t try to be anyone else that you’re not. This will also affect your body language to attract women. If you’re a funny person, don’t strain yourself from not making a joke (only keep it decent. No foul language, okay?)
  5. Be a Gentleman To attract women with body language you are going to be one. If the door you both are heading for isn’t made for two persons, then allow her to be the first to get out. Whenever the cold strikes, offer her to wear your jacket.
  6. Touch Only do this when you both have hang out for more than just a couple minutes. If the tension has finally receded, don’t be afraid to touch her with light gesture. Make sure that she doesn’t get offended and you can continue on.

So, those are some tips to attract women with body language. Do you want more secrets on how to attract women? Check this program and you will be a complete badass!

Are you ready to win this night, tiger? 😛

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