Driving Organic Traffic with Integrated Steps

Having website is now very common in internet world and the continuance of a website is determined by the traffic. The traffic of website is important. As you know, more traffic means more income. In this article, you will learn several factors behind the development of organic traffic.


Internet has now been growing very fast. Along with its development, many internet marketers make use internet technology as a media to earn dollars. That’s what is usually called as online business.

Driving Organic Traffic

Many pro internet marketers start their career from zero and there have been so many successful stories of internet marketers who have earn tons of dollars from internet. One of media that you can use to earn dollars is website. Having website is now very common in internet world. People can make money through it. Thus, website can now be a potential media to earn income. However, the continuance of a website is also determined by the traffic.

The traffic of website is important. As you know, more traffic means more income. Google, as one of the biggest source of organic traffic, tends to like website which has natural traffic built slowly through process. A website which can increase its traffic slowly but constant is potential for Google to catch. Yet, how is the way to increase or create organic traffic for website?

SEO On-Page Optimized

As taken from the testimony of successful internet marketers, there are several factors behind the development of traffic. First, it deals with SEO or Search Engine Optimization including on-page and off-page. Experienced bloggers or marketers are very familiar with SEO. The point of SEO on-page is about your content. It is important to create content which is useful for humans and search-engine friendly. It is also important that you need to learn the basics of SEO onpage in this article.

SEO Off-Page Optimized

SEO off-page is all about backlinks. If you are sure about your content, then it is better to submit your article or content to article directories. The directories you can try are GoArticles and EzineArticles. They can attract more visitors to your website and create backlinks to help the development of your website’s traffic.

Another great way to build quality backlink is by creating Youtube videos. If you have great articles then you can turn it into videos. It will attract people within 3 or 4 minutes. Then, add a link on the description that will direct to your website.

Social Media Signals

Social media are now becoming trend for people. You can make use social media platform to promote your articles, products or services. You can also submit photos, survey, web links, videos related to your products or services. It is a great way to create organic traffic. The popular social media you can use are Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Google +.

Other Ways to Drive More Traffic

If you want to reach more audience, guest post may be another way to increase your traffic. Adding quality contents into other people blogs will attract the visitors of those blogs to visit your website and also build up backlinks to your website. As the result, it will make Google rank your site higher.

Try also to join relevant forum to introduce your website or content. Put the signature which contains your website URL in each post in forum. Making posts in forum can also help to create backlinks. One rule that applies to all the method above, don’t spamming. Make sure to put the backlinks on relevant websites.

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