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How to Hypnotize Someone to Do Something

Imagine the moment you realize you can hypnotize someone to sleep. Anyone suffering from severe case of sleep deprivation might be so thankful to you that you can get rid of their problems right away. You can use this ability you have to help others and, FYI, this is how you are supposed to do with the gift, not other way. Also, hypnotism is not some kind of superhuman ability only superheroes can possess. While it seems that way, hypnotism actually deals much with psychology—psychological conditioning, in this matter.

So, is there any trick to help you achieve this feat? Well, let’s find out.

How to Hypnotize Someone
  1. Atmosphere As hypnotism is closely related to conditioning, you have to be able to create an atmosphere so relaxing that the subject you are about to hypnotize can really feel that his or her surroundings be truly in tune with their inner-self.
  2. Position Ask your subject to assume a position that can promote relaxation.
  3. Tension release Verbally instruct your subject to relax his or her mind. Ask the person to take a breath from the nose and exhale through the mouth.
  4. Rapport Establish a two-way connection between you and your subject.
  5. Suggestion Help your subject by creating stimuli inside the mind. Give intense suggestion of extreme relaxation and sleepiness.
  6. Happy place Assist your subject to build a world filled with happiness inside his or her mind. Once the subject seems to have been relaxed throughout the session, give gentle command to sleep.

Well, that’s all about it. You can now learn how to hypnotize someone to sleep.

Now, sleeping is one thing but can you really hypnotize someone to love you? Hypnotism works with an emphasis on manipulating other’s mind; so, in essence, hypnotism can also work to make someone love you anyway. Here are some tips you can try on this subject.

  1. Again, rapport is important. You have to build a connection with your subject. It can be done by delivering compliments, joking around, or everything else as long as they are positive in nature.
  2. The next thing to try is turn off a subject’s critical mind that will negate the hypnosis in the first place. Use words or phrases with strong suggestion to illustrative way of thinking, e.g. “imagine…”, or “what if….” These words will automatically turn off subject’s critical mind, making a way for you to penetrate his or her mind.
  3. Afterwards, follow by inserting commands that are highly irresistible to the subject.
  4. If everything turns okay, ask the subject for a date.

It’s that simple. You can now practice the smooth-talker within yourself to hypnotize someone to love you. What if situation forces you to hypnotize someone secretly? Also known as covert hypnosis, you can hypnotize a subject without said person knowing it.

  1. Use softer, carefully picked words to deliver commands. When you give raw, not-so-subtle commands, the mind of your subject will automatically reject the very core of the command. Twist your words a little and let’s see how a subject responds to it.
  2. Or, you can also strike someone with a truth and end the truth with a command. Example: You say to Jim, “Since we’re all going to a restaurant, why don’t we let Simon tags along?”
  3. The last way to hypnotize someone secretly is by pushing some facts or realities into other’s mind and adds a command to the end of them.

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