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Lift Weights: The Safe and Effective Ways

Lift weights

Many weight lifters or athletes who find it hard to lift up weights. Some of them can lift up heavy weights but the steps may not be correct and safe. They end up with moaning and screaming. You’d better stop that way because there are more safe and right ways to lift up weights. The basic rules of strength-training program as follows.

First, pay attention to body posture or the form. Good form is more important rather than lifting up lots of weight. Many people are trapped with the impression if they can lift up a lot of weight, it means that they are very strong. This is called maneuver because forcing your body to lift up lots of weight will cause injury and pain. As the result, the weight exercise becomes less effective. Thus, you’d better pay attention to your body posture and lift up weight step by step.

Lift weights Warm Up

Second, do not forget to have warm up. This activity is important to get your muscles more flexible and warm. Nevertheless, people neglect this pre-activity. By doing so, you can avoid strain and pain in the body. Warm up activity can be done in 5 minutes.

Next, the important thing when lifting weight is that it is very important to start with the lightest weight. Lifting up 5 pound weight and then 10 pound weight for example can be a big leap. Avoid this because you are about to put much weight on your muscles. Thus, it is better to start from the smallest one. If you start with 6 pound weight, then you can change over to 7 pound weight, etc.

Third, the proper breathing is important for lifters. Do not forget to maintain your breath. Exhale when you lift up the weight and then inhale when you lower it. You can do this regularly when lifting weight but do not overdo it especially if you hold your breath because you will lack of air. Do not forget to try a wide range of motion. If you are not sure with the motion, you can ask trainer or fitness instructor to teach you the variety of motion in muscles building. It will make your muscles more flexible.

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