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Jump Higher with My Vertical Jumping Exercises

We often see in Television that basketball players are blessed with fantastic jumping skill. The first is because their tall but there are actually some methods to increase vertical jump. It is very clear that vertical jump is to jump upright. Yet, it is not common jump because the distance after jumping is measured. It is not about how to make you look tall but it deals with how you can jump higher in fantastic distance.

Vertical Jumping Exercises

There are some methods which can help you to create awesome vertical jump. First, you have to pay attention to the landing. Focus on your landing because it is the key to create awesome jump. The tip is to land correctly after jumping. You can do it slowly because it will create strength and balance to your body. For practice, you can jump in front of mirror to see how you jump.

Next method is one-legged jump which focuses only one leg. The benefit of taking one-legged jump is to create strength and balance for each leg. This method is simple but you may also wear resistance band to support your leg and avoid tension. To do one-legged jump, stand with your right leg and then lift your left leg up. You can determine the distance of jumping but do it as high as you can. Do not forget to focus on your landing. Make your body is ready any time you jump.

The next method is depth jump. This method may be a bit harder for beginners. But, please make sure that you can squat 1.5 times your body weight, if not depth jump will be dangerous. To do this squat jump, use a box which is a bit higher than your knees. Climb onto the box and then you can jump off. You can do this slowly not in a rush. When hitting the ground, jump off again with higher distance.

There are two things that important to increase vertical jump. They are glutes and hips. The muscles in glutes and hips determine the strength of your jump. You can jump off high if you have strong glutes and hips. So, how to increase the muscles on these parts? First, you can wear a kbands for your legs and then place the feet wider than your shoulders width. Then prepare yourself in squat position by setting the knees in line with toes. The hips are pushed back and hold the movement within 30 seconds.

The further exercises to increase your vertical jump can be through following the Jump Manual methods and strength-building exercises. You can focus on the glutes and and hips. By having regular exercises you will know the nature of your muscles and get used to it after several tries.

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