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A Guide to Tackling Everyday Marriage Issues

Marriage challenges don’t always equate to catastrophe. In actuality, a robust relationship often features disagreements, arguments, and conflicts. It’s not the issues themselves that should take the limelight.

So, how can couples navigate these predicaments and get to know each other better?

Marital difficulties can spring from seemingly minor matters. Below is a list of issues that can crop up in a marriage:

Avoiding Conflict

Some individuals opt to sidestep marital troubles by not addressing conflicting matters with their partner, even when they strongly disagree. Nevertheless, these overlooked minor issues can snowball into more significant problems down the line, making it crucial to be mindful of this marital concern.

Tips to Tackle Marriage Issues

Inadequate Communication

This is something every couple should be mindful of since their dating days. Share everything that’s on your mind with your partner, especially if you’re looking for ways to improve your relationship. Suppressing problems is no solution; it merely paves the way for trouble later on. Ineffectual communication is a prevalent marital problem, and seeking guidance from a resource like the Save the Marriage System, as highlighted in our review, can provide valuable insights.

Reluctance to Open Up

Be candid with your partner, whether you’re a mum or a dad. Your willingness to share everything with your partner fosters trust and open communication. Husbands who struggle to open up can often lead to conflicts. Being open and forthright about everything is the key to effective communication between partners.

Trivial Matters

Did you know that minor issues can escalate into significant marriage problems? Don’t hesitate to discuss seemingly inconsequential and unimportant issues. It could be as simple as reminding your spouse to brush their teeth before bed or clean their feet before getting into bed. These might seem trivial, but if disregarded, they can evolve into marriage problems.

Lack of Intimacy

One trigger for a lack of intimacy between couples is differences in sexual desires. To address this, try openly expressing your sexual desires to your partner. Rachel Becker-Warner, a relationship and sex therapist, emphasizes that maintaining a fulfilling husband-wife relationship necessitates ongoing communication.

Handling Conflicts

Conflicts are normal in a marriage, but it’s crucial to maintain a composed demeanor and resolve them rationally. It’s also vital for couples to pay attention to body language when communicating. Refrain from using negative body language or hurting your partner. Convey your message without exacerbating the conflict.


Marriage problems can commence with possessive behaviour between spouses. If you sense something is amiss, don’t hesitate to ask your partner. Communicate your unease candidly. Possessiveness should be addressed appropriately; bottling it up will only exacerbate the situation, not solve the problem.

Financial Mismanagement

One significant trigger of marriage problems is when couples lack financial management skills. It’s not just about the amount spent by one partner; it can also be rooted in their inner fears. For instance, the fear of not being considered important or not having a say in decision-making. To tackle this, acquaint yourselves with family financial tools that can help secure your financial future.

Excessive Spending

Spending extravagantly by a spouse is often an unnoticed marriage issue. One solution is to maintain transparency with your partner. Discuss finances and expenditures openly. Engage your partner in discussions about managing family expenses.

Social Media Addiction

A study from the University of Maryland found that students describe social media use in ways similar to using illicit drugs. In other words, it can lead to uncontrollable cravings, anxiety, and restlessness. When this creeps into a marriage, it can trigger new conflicts. Social media addiction can reduce the quality time spent with your family, leaving your partner feeling neglected.

Poor Time Management

Difficulty in managing time is another common marriage issue. This is especially true when juggling work hours and family time with kids. It’s essential to be more disciplined with time. For working mums, options like working from home can be helpful.

Comparing Relationships

Comparing your marriage to others’ is often done without realizing the harm it can cause. It’s not a productive approach. This behaviour can trigger negative consequences in your marriage. Every relationship has its unique way of finding happiness, so don’t generalize or compare your partner to others.

Lack of Alone Time

The reduction in intimacy due to various factors like work, self-confidence issues, or the presence of children can be a marriage problem. Overcoming this can involve planning a staycation with your partner during weekends.

Excessive Nagging

Excessive nagging without clear reasons can also negatively impact communication in a marriage. Dr. Howard Markman, a psychology professor at the University of Denver, states that excessive nagging increases negative communication by 20% and positive communication by 12%. Excessive nagging is detrimental, so it’s essential to apologize to your partner and set limits.

Giving Up Easily

Not seeking solutions and believing that one party is entirely at fault is not a healthy attitude. Many couples feel incapable of improving their relationship or communication without even trying any solutions. Effort in maintaining good communication is vital in a marriage. In a marriage, communication should be two-way, not one-way. So, don’t give up easily, and always discuss issues with your partner.

Differences in Parenting Styles

Differences in parenting styles can often lead to debates and become a marriage issue. Approaches to parenting need to be agreed upon; otherwise, topics about children can quickly trigger conflicts between mums and dads. Avoid arguing in front of your children and have private discussions with your partner to reach an agreement and present a united front to your kids.


Work can easily become a marriage problem because most of the day is spent on the job. Other factors like different work schedules or high workloads can cause new conflicts. Couples often feel they aren’t spending enough time together. The solution is to allocate dedicated time for your partner and family so that work doesn’t compromise the quality of your relationship.

Unfair Division of Roles

It may seem trivial, but this issue is a common complaint and a potential marriage problem. This frequently occurs when mums and dads don’t use household assistance. In most cases, the responsibility for tidying up and cleaning the house falls on the wife’s shoulders. When physically and emotionally exhausted, mums may find this unfair and use it as an argument. The solution is a fair and realistic division of household chores.

Boredom in the Relationship

Boredom in a marriage can strike at any time. According to a study on, one way to avoid boredom is through sleep or daydreaming. Some couples overcome boredom through entertainment, such as watching movies or going on vacations together.

Lack of Consensus

Communication can be a significant issue in marriage, and poor communication can lead to other marital problems. For instance, when mums and partners don’t see eye-to-eye on decision-making, it can result in one of the partners feeling disappointed and emotionally triggered. So, don’t easily give up and always discuss matters with your partner.

Not Listening to Complaints

Building a healthy communication pattern is essential for every married couple. Try to be open, actively listen, and understand each other. Avoid criticizing when your partner is speaking; make them feel valued. Differences of opinion are normal, so try to find the best compromise.

Stress and Burnout

Are you or your partner stressed or experiencing emotional instability? This can lead to marriage problems. When one partner is stressed, they tend to be impatient when they come home, as reported by Verywell Mind. If both partners experience burnout, it can worsen the situation. Try exchanging thoughts and seeking solutions together.

Trust Erosion

Many people say that trust is the foundation of any relationship. Losing trust in your partner or having unresolved issues is a marriage problem. When it becomes challenging to trust your partner as you used to, be cautious. Fading trust can trigger marriage problems. To address this, communicate and find the root cause and solutions together.


Marital challenges, often stemming from seemingly minor issues, test the resilience of a relationship. While disagreements are inevitable, they can be stepping stones to a stronger bond.

Communication is the bedrock of a successful marriage. Open, honest dialogue bridges gaps and transforms obstacles into opportunities for growth.

Marriage is a shared journey where both partners contribute. Embrace challenges as chances to learn and adapt. With creativity and commitment, couples can navigate any hurdle, reinforcing their love and commitment. Ultimately, a successful marriage thrives on patience, understanding, and unwavering love.

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