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How to Do Keyword Research – In A Nutshell

In this era where internet virtually does pretty much everything that has a lot of effect in real world, you must realize that you need to properly harness the power of online moneymaking. Efficiency and effectiveness are two things that can be easily found in this business model. You can expand your business to a level you previously have not thought about. But you should know that dealing with online business requires you to have a strong basis including keyword. This is what will lead customers into noticing the things you do and what in turn brings you a lot of profit.

So, how to do keyword research that is effective to kickstart your business?

How to Do Keyword Research
  1. First you need to do a brainstorming list comprising the type of keywords people might look up on the internet. These keywords are a compound of words that represent your business. Think about what best describes your business and what can possibly on someone’s mind upon looking up the content of the business you run. Think also about some modifiers for the keywords. These include the words like “free”, or “how can I”, or “Where to”. These could even extend to local modifiers with which you can direct visitors to precisely the place where your business operates at.
  2. Utilize the help of keyword research tool. An example for this tool will be Google Adwords Keyword Planner. This tool will help you to find a keyword that is high on attainability and the one that meets the demand on the market.
  3. Upon using the abovementioned tool, you will often find suggestions of keyphrases that the machine thinks are the more relevant term for your project. You can try to use these suggestions; there would be no harm in trying what the tool suggests anyway.
  4. Try to select keywords that are as close as possible to the content of your post or landing page. Visitors are humans so when they click on the keywords you present yet they are lead to a landing page that do not remotely represent what they need, then be ready to lose a would-be customer. One of the major factors to pay attention to on how to do keyword research is that you need to be as transparent as you can be.
  5. Still by using keyword research tool, you will often be presented an estimation of how many people look up a precise phrase in monthly basis. Use this as a benchmark for how strong the keyword you pick at performing in Google search result.

As i mentioned above, Google Adwords Keyword Planner is a free alternative keyword research tool. If you prefer to do keyword research in faster and simpler way with a complete solution of finding profitable long tail keywords, you better check this tool out: Long Tail Pro – $30 OFF!

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