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The Answer on How to Increase Vertical Jump Question

Some sports require you to jump vertically higher. Sports like basketball essentially demand you to be able to take a leap highly in order that you can dunk the ball into the ring. So, how to increase vertical jump if currently you cannot reach the necessary height required for said sports? Is there anything to improve this aspect or is it written on stone that you simply cannot do the sport any better?

How to Increase Vertical Jump

Well, of course there is. Your body can be trained to adapt to new set of habits including jumping in a lot higher level. It is only a matter of making it possible for your body to undergo a series of new exercise that will help reform the height of jumping you are currently at into something higher than that.

  1. Stand before a wall or a pole if there is any. This will be a medium you can use to measure the current rate of your leap. First you need to stand straight with your hand reaches upward as high as it can get. Measure and mark the height. And with your hand still in upward position, jump in front of it and mark the highest point you can reach on the wall/pole. The measured distant between these two points is the exact leap height you are at currently.
  2. Use a rope and jump it to train the muscles you need to leap to become stronger. Do not skip the rope, though, as in using one foot at each jump, resembling someone who runs in place. Keep both your ankles as close as possible and jump the rope with both of your feet.
  3. The next thing about how to increase vertical jump is to do squat. Start with simple basic squat in which you simply bend your knee while keeping your back in straight line. Improve the exercise by using hand weights in which after you assume a squatting position you go straight in full standing position with your hands aimed toward the ceiling. Then you can try to add a jumping motion after squatting.
  4. You can try to strengthen your calf muscles by training using a curb upon which you will put the area underneath your toes but the rest of your heels don’t come in contact with it. Slowly build up a pressure onto that area underneath your toes and stand on your tip toes.
  5. Do the leg curls exercise using weightlifting equipments.
  6. Use your hands to help gain the needed momentum for higher jump.
  7. Don’t forget to keep track on the height of your leap using the wall/pole mentioned earlier.

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